How to enter Emergency Room Interface on D-Link DIR 615 E4

What is Emergency Room Web Interface on D-Link DIR 615 E4

Emergency Room Web Interface is something you can enter to flash your router if it is not booting and by any means (factory reset) you cannot power it up or connect to its default web interface at or cannot flash it with custom firmware (like OpenWRT or DD-WRT).
This guide will help you get to the Emergency Room Web Interface and reflash. It was tested on D-Link DIR 615 E4 router, but might as well work on many other models which are in 600 series range.

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How to enter Emergency Room

. Unplug Power cord from your router
. Connect ethernet cable from router to you Network Card in the computer (don’t try to flash over Wifi).

. Goto Control Panel\All Control Panel Items => Network and Sharing Center => “Change adapter settings” on the left pane
. RightClick your Ethernet adapter => Properties
. Select “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) => [Properties]
. (*) Use the following IP address
IP address:

*** It doesn’t have to be “”. It can be any number on the same subnet as your router’s IP (Like or even It just has to be static. You only can’t set it to as it is your router’s IP.

        Subnet mask:

*** No need to enter Default gateway and DNS servers as we’re not going to need the internet for this one.

. [OK]

. Open a browser and get ready to connect to

*** Which is your router’s stock IP address to access the Web Interface.
*** Don’t connect yet(!)
. Press and Hold the Reset button on your router and plug in the Power cord cable
. Wait till the power orange led starts blinking (takes about 5-10 seconds)
. Release the Reset button
. Connect to “” in the Web Browser.
. You will see the White page => [Browse] for your *.BIN file and [Send / Upload].
. The process should take about 5-10 minutes after that you should receive a message “IMAGE UPLOAD SUCCESS”.
*** Don’t disconnect power cord or reboot the router while flashing – you’ll brick the router.
. Reboot the router
*** It is recommended to do Factory Reset on your router after Flashing the Firmware.
. Restore IPv4 setting from static to automatic (DHCP) the same way you did from above.

*** If you have problems flashing, check our Troubleshooting D-Link DIR 615 E4 flashing firmware guide.

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