OpenWRT – custom firmware, download and flash your router

What is custom firmware OpenWRT?

OpenWRT is very popular custom Firmware (now LEDE project is also a part of it). Enthusiasts all over the world contribute to development of the custom firmware, so you can upgrade your router’s stock Firmware to have many more features and there is a chance that this will be more stable. Also you can have the same setup and features on any router that you have. The only problem that the old routers are getting discontinued pretty quickly. If you want up to date Firmware for your old Routers, better use DD-WRT Custom Firmware, that is more updated also for the old hardware.

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*** Flashing your Firmware voids manufacturer’s warranty and can BRICK your router!

How to download OpenWRT for your particular Router?

First of all, you need to find if your router is supported:
. Goto “OpenWRT” site
. “Downloads” on the left pane
. Find link to “Table of Hardware”
. In the “Brand” field, write the brand of the router and [Enter]
. In the “Model” field, write the model and [Enter]
*** On the same page on the top there are tips on how to search the database
. Find the version of your specific router in the table
*** If you have stock firmware then you need to download “Firmware OpenWrt Install URL”. The one that has “factory” in its name, like


*** If you have already OpenWRT installed on your router and you want to upgrade to a newer version, then you can download from “Firmware OpenWrt Upgrade URL”. The file that doesn’t contain “factory” in its name, like


*** At the end of the row you will see “View/Edit data” link, so you can open it in a new tab. After that you can find there some information about the router and on the bottom you can find “Installation method(s)” and “Recovery method(s)”. Not always the method that is described there is the best, so you may want to find more information in Google about flashing your specific router.

*** If you need older versions that supported on your hardware, then you can check “OpenWRT version archives“:
When you open that page, you will see all the version names and if you want to know particular numbers you need to click on the name and in the next step you will see the number version.

OpenWRT – Entering Web Interface

. You may enter your router’s GUI to upgrade the ROM, or use the methods that are described in OpenWRT’s database.
. After you flash, goto

. Most likely that the username will be “root” and no password(!) => [Login]
. Configure your password in the Settings

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