DD-WRT – Custom Router Firmware – Flashing, Initial login

What is DD-WRT Custom Firmware

DD-WRT is another great Custom Firmware for your router. If you want to add more usability to your router or reuse your old router, DD-WRT is might be the way to go.
*** Flashing your Firmware voids manufacturer’s warranty and can BRICK your router!
Consider also using OpenWRT Custom Firmware if you don’t like DD-WRT.

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How to Download DD-WRT custom firmware?

There are official releases and betas and also latest betas.
We’ll start with the officials:
. Goto DD-WRT site
. [Support] tab => [Router Database] tab
*** Or you can go directly to Router Database page.
. Search for your Router Manufacturer + Model like: D-Link DIR 615
. Under Revision you will find all the revision versions that are supported for your router. Off course you need to know what is the revision version of your router.
*** When you click on the link with your particular model, you will see available releases or betas at “Supported by”. After you choose your version, you will see 2 available links:

DD-WRT: Factory flash / dir615e3-factory-to-ddwrt-firmware.bin
DD-WRT: Webupgrade / dir615e3-firmware.bin

“Factory flash” is the BIN file with the “factory” word in its name. This is flashed on a router that has the stock manufacturer’s firmware.
“Webupgrade” is the BIN file without the “factory” word in it and is flashed on the routers with DD-WRT custom firmware already installed.
*** While on your router’s model page on DD-WRT website, you can see in “Router details” a configuration called “FLASH”. This is the amount of memory needed for the Firmware. If the FLASH is less than 4 MB, the you will need a “Micro” version of DD-WRT.
. Click on “Filename” of the appropriate version to download you BIN.

If you want to download a beta:
. goto [Support] => [Other Downloads] => betas => Choose your year
. Here you will find all the betas from that year, if you want the latest, click on it
. Now find your particular router’s Manufacturer and model with revision and click
. Here you will also find 2 files for Factory and Web upgrade.

*** More versions and DD-WRT Firmware FAQ is available in DD-WRT Wiki.

Flashing your router with DD-WRT custom firmware and initial web interface login

. After you downloaded your file, flash the router.
*** Some DD-WRT flashing tips by the crew
*** In DD-WRT Wiki you can find more information about how to flash your specific router if it is supported.

. Factory reset your router.
. Now login to your router from a browser to

*** This is the address of DD-WRT custom firmware on any router that you will flash it on.
. Right away you will be asked to input Admin username and password.

If you already have DD-WRT custom firmware installed on your router and you want to update it to the latest version of your router:
. Download the latest DD-WRT version for “Webupgrade” (use the steps explained above)
. Open DD-WRT Web Interface (
. Goto => Administration => Firmware Upgrade => [Browse] => Choose your BIN file => [Upgrade]

*** It is recommended to “Factory Reset” the router after reflash by the DD-WRT crew. Make sure you write down your settings.

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  1. Hi, I want to remove DDWRT from my ac1750 router. Could you please help me do this? I’ve looked all over the web and cannot find a solution.

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