Troubleshooting D-Link DIR 615 E4 Firmware Flashing

D-Link DIR 615 E4 Intro to Firmware Flash Troubleshooting

D-Link DIR 615 E4 (from 2010) and routers alike (same series) are very old, therefore you might get errors while trying to upgrade the firmware. We gathered some tips on troubleshooting that worked for us and other people. Due to lack of the support for newer operating systems, you might need some old tools in order to get successful firmware upgrade.

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D-Link DIR 615 E4 Firmware Flash Troubleshooting Steps

*** Check your Ethernet cable. Try another
*** You may try to flash it with Emergency Room Web Interface
*** Clear browser cache and try again
Next tips are also for Troubleshooting Emergency Room Web interface flashing.
*** While Flashing the firmware (when you get some sort of “now flashing” / “sending file” / etc), wait at least 5-10 minutes before doing something, like closing the window or resetting. In that time there is a possibility that the router is still flashing and you might brick your router if doing something else. If the router is flashed, then you might get a timeout and the window will hang on “sending”. First try to get to router’s IP again, if no luck, then reset and repeat the flashing again.

*** You may try older browsers. Internet Explorer 7-8 were optimal for Firmware Upgrading Task. Though there were issues with 8 sometimes.
*** Try upgrading in Windows Safe Mode with Networking enabled.
*** D-Link DIR 615 E4 released in 2010, a couple of months after Windows 7 Release. Try Flashing on Windows 7. If you have no option installing Windows 7 on a hardware, try installing on Virtual Machine like VMWare Player / Virtual Box / Hyper-V.
*** You may try to find old portable versions of Firefox or Chrome from year 2010-2011.
Old Firefox portable versions can be found on “SourceForge” page of “”.
Check downloads by date at the bottom of the page.
Same goes for Google Chrome Portable versions by “”.
*** If you’re on Mac operating system, try using Firefox instead of Safari.

The basics:
*** Do a Factory reset and try again.
*** Take the power cord out of the router, wait for a minute, return the power cord back in.

Download D-Link DIR 615 E4 Original Firmware

*** Flash the original firmware if you have any problems with custom firmware. You can find the latest version of D-Link DIR 615 E4 Original Firmware on D-Link’s site.
In [Downloads] tab choose “E” version, and download the latest firmware.

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