Application Deployment in SCCM to chosen Collection guide

Table of Contents
. About Application Deployment in SCCM
. Deployment Steps
. Check the Deployment process to Collection

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About Application Deployment in SCCM

Application Deployment in SCCM environment is the final stage in the Application process from server side (or any process in that matter, like Packages, Operating Systems, Task Sequences, Configuration Baselines, etc.) after Content Distribution in Microsoft Configuration Manager. If you want your Application to be installed on all the devices (clients) in a Collection of your choice, you need to Deploy it.
*** Read more about Creating SCCM Collections and Creating SCCM Applications at our site.
*** More detailed information about SCCM Application Deployment and its features is available in Microsoft Docs.

Deployment Steps

. Open SCCM Console
. Software Library => Application Management => Applications
. RightClick the Application you want to Deploy => Deploy
"Specify general information for this deployment"
Software: *** This is the Application you chose ***
Collection: [Browse]

*** Choose the collection of Devices or Users you want to deploy to

            . In the "Select Collection" windows we selected "Device Collections" on the upper left corner
. Then selected the needed collection
. [OK]
        [V] Automatically distribute content for dependencies
*** If you used our Content Distribution guide, then you already have all the dependencies on the Distribution Points. This option "backups" our actions by distributing any dependencies that we might oversee.
"Specify the content destination"

*** In the upper part of the window you will see all the distribution points that already have your Application distributed to them. In the bottom part of the window, you can [Add] other distribution points that might still not have the Application files on them (if you need to).

"Specify settings to control how this software is deployed"
Action: Install
*** You can also choose action "Uninstall" if you added that option in the deployment types of the application. You may check how in our SCCM Application Creation guide.
Purpose: Required

*** Required means that as soon as the application will be available to the client, SCCM client will attempt to install it. “Available” means – when the Application will be available to the client, it won’t be installed right away. The Application will be available through the “Software Center” on a client computer. The user will have to install it manually from the “Applications” tab.
*** Leave next 3 checkboxes unchecked, off course unless you need these features

"Specify the schedule for this deployment"
[V] Schedule the application to be available at: *** Select current time ***
*** Sometimes there were problems - applications didn't install if you didn't select that feature at all. So, if you want the Application to be available right away, set current time of the deployment creation.
Installation deadline: (*) As soon as possible after the available time
*** The Application will be installed as soon as it gets to the SCCM client. Off course you can schedule the availability with "(*) Schedule at:" option.
"Specify the user experience for the installation of this software on the selected devices"
User notifications: *** You may choose different types; depends of how much you want to interrupt the user ***

*** We don’t want to interrupt the user much. So, we chosen the second option: “Display in Software Center, and only show notifications for computer restarts”. Restarts are important. If the user can restart the computer before the “Maintenance window” it will be better for stability of the system.

        [ ] Software Installation
*** If you want the application to be installed right after it is available to the client, check this box. If you want it to be installed in the "Maintenance window" that you configured, so leave it unchecked.
[ ] System restart (If required to complete the installation)
*** Same goes for this option. If checked, the computer won't wait for the "Maintenance window" in order to get restarted.
[V] Commit changes at deadline or during a maintenance window
"Specify Configuration Manager and Operations Manager alert options"
*** Here you can specify the alerts options.
"Confirm the settings for this new deployment"
*** Important! Before you confirm, check how much “(Member Count: )” you have in the collection that you selected and the collection is right. Do not deploy to whole organization by mistake.
"The Deploy Software Wizard completed successfully"

Check the Deployment process to Collection

To check the deployment progress:

. Goto => Monitoring => Deployments => [Search] for your Package

. If you select it on the bottom there will pop-up a tab with a [Summary]. Under “Completion Statistics” you will see your progress.
. DoubleClick click the Application if you want to see more detailed information.
*** You will need to “Run Summarization” to receive the current data
*** “Summarization Time” shows you when the last time was summarization for this item that you’re viewing.

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