Distribute Content in SCCM to Distribution Points and Groups

What is Content Distribution in SCCM

After we Created SCCM Application we need to Distribute the Content (the files in the source folder with all the dependencies and prerequisites) to our Distribution Points to make it available for the Deployment to download. The distribution process is the same for any type of content that is available through SCCM, like: Packages, Task Sequences, Configuration Baselines, Driver Packages, Boot Images, Operating System Images, etc. There are two main methods: distribute to Distribution Point and distribute to Distribution Point Group. If you need more information about DP Groups, you can check our article about SCCM Distribution Point Groups Usage.

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The steps to Distribute Content in SCCM

. RightClick the Application that you created (or any other content) => Distribute Content
"Review selected content"
[V] Detect associated content dependencies and add them to this distribution
*** All the dependent objects will be distributed as well
"Review the content to distribute"
*** Here you will see the application itself and also all the dependent packages (if available)
"Specify the content destination"
[Add] => Distribution Point
*** Or you can select "Distribution Point Group" if you have some configured, or you can add both methods.
Select your Distribution Point(s)
"Confirm the Settings"
"The Distribute Content Wizard completed successfully"

Monitoring the Content after Distribution

After Content Distribution, we need to monitor the process to check if the content was distributed successfully to our DP.
. Select you Application and press [F5] to refresh the [Summary] tab at the bottom.
*** Under “Content Status” you will see a circle: “Yellow” means the parts are “In Progress” of distribution and “Green” it is completed successfully. Keep refreshing till it gets green.

Another way to monitor is at:

. Monitoring => Distribution Status => Content Status
. Search for your Package / Application / etc. => Select
*** At the bottom you will see the "Completion Statistics"
. Clicking "View Status" will give you more detailed information.

*** For more detailed information about Monitoring Content after Distribution in SCCM in Microsoft Docs.

Also, you can check the “ditmgr.log” to see the process of file distribution live.
Full Path:

\PrimarySiteServerName001\c$\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager\Logs\distmgr.log

Open it with the “cmtrace.exe”. You can read more about cmtrace and how to download it on our site.
. After the content was distributed, we can deploy it to the needed collection. Read more about Creating SCCM Collections and Deployment.

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