What is SCCM Distribution Point Groups and How to use them

What is Distribution Point

Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) Distribution Points (DPs) are servers that hold the Content (files) that are used for all kinds of installations (Packages, Applications, Driver Packages, etc.). There are several options for distributing content: Collection, Distribution Point, and Distribution Point Groups. We will cover last two of the options and SCCM Distribution Point Groups the most.

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Distribution Methods: “Distribution Point” and “Distribution Point Groups”

Distributing to “Distribution Point” is simple. You choose a single or several DPs that you want to upload the content to and the SCCM uploads only the selected packages to selected DPs. Distribution Point Groups are much more usable.

Let’s say you have three DP servers that you added to the group (we will cover the process later) and you distribute Application 1, Application 2 and Application 3 to the Group. SCCM will upload both 3 Applications to all 3 servers that were in the group. But that’s not all. Now Applications 1, 2 and 3 are in the Content list of the Distribution Point Group. If you add “Distribution Point 4” to the group of the 3 existing DP servers – SCCM will begin the uploading of the Application 1, 2 and 3 to the fourth server right away. Therefore, any Content that you distribute to the Distribution Point Group will be uploaded to all the DPs in the Group. Also, to any new DPs added to that group.

How to create SCCM Distribution Point Groups

. Open SCCM Console
. Administration => RightClick "Distribution Point Groups" => Create Group
Name: Kitchen Distribution Points
*** Add your DPs

If you want to add more Distribution Points later:

 . RightClik the Group => Properties => [Members] => [Add…] Your DP

This action will automatically start the content distribution if there is any in that group.

To check the content that is already being distributed to the group:

 . RightClik the Group => Properties => [Content]

Here you can view the content, [Redistribute] the selected packages, [Remove] the selected packages (Click [OK] after you removed).

As you can see SCCM Distribution Point Groups are very useful.

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