How to setup Windows 10 without online Microsoft Account

Setup Windows 10 without Microsoft Account – The problem

Microsoft pushes on users to setup Windows 10 with their online account that most do not need. In older versions of Windows 10, you could select to install it with local account only. In recent versions – it is not that easy, but we will got you covered.

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The trick

Do not connect to the internet (cable or Wi-Fi), while setup Windows 10. If you will, the setup will ask for online Microsoft account. If you will not connect – you can setup with local account.

What to do if you already connected to Network Wi-Fi / cable

Probably you got here because you connected to the Wi-Fi network or cable and you do not have any other option on your screen besides the online account registration. Follow these steps:
1. “Hard restart” the computer.
2. If you connected with a cable – remove the cable and continue to “Full Guide”
3. If you connected to Wi-Fi – When the computer restarts you will be probably already connected to the network, so we will need to disconnect: on the first screen press [Shift]+[F10].
4. CMD will open – execute the command:

netsh wlan disconnect

5. Close CMD when finished.
6. Continue to the “Full Guide”.

Setup Windows 10 without online Microsoft Account – Full Guide

After you loaded the setup from USB / CD / ISO, Selected the drive and files extracted, installed and the computer rebooted into the first welcome screen with Cortana greeting you:
1. “Let’s start with region. Is this correct?” => Select your region => [Yes].
2. “Is this the right keyboard layout?” => Select your keyboard layout => [Yes].
3. “Do you want to add a second keyboard layout?” => If you need additional keyboard layout then [Add layout], if not then [Skip].
4. “Let’s connect you to a network” => This is the most important step – Click “I don’t have internet” in the bottom left corner.
5. “There is more to discover when you connect to the internet” => You will be introduced with benefits of internet – click on “Continue with limited setup” in the bottom left corner.
6. “Windows 10 License agreement” => Read and [Accept].
7. “Who’s going to use this PC” => Type the local account name => [Next].
8. “Create a really memorable password” => You can create a password or you may leave it empty if you like (less secure though) => [Next].
9. Continue with installation steps.


You can always register online Microsoft Account, setup Windows 10 with it => Create local account => remove the online account.

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