Fix MSI Error 1612 Installer with Microsoft Troubleshooter

How to Fix MSI Error 1612

Before trying to Fix MSI Error 1612 – you need to understand the possible scenario of how you got it. In my case I tried to Uninstall a program from

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Control Panel => Programs and Features

When clicked [Uninstall] – I got an error that the Uninstaller is not present in the system. Probably I removed the file to save space from


Tried to reinstall it from the original MSI installer source that I had, but while installing I got the 1612 error:

<NameOfYourProgram> setup failed.
The installation source for this product is not available.
Verify that the source exists and that you can access it.
Error Code: 1612

To fix MSI error 1612:
1. Download Troubleshooter from Microsoft that fixes problems with installers and uninstallers
2. Run the file downloaded
Note: This Troubleshooter does not fully uninstall the software, since the original uninstaller is not available anymore, so you will need to reinstall the software anyway to fully uninstall it.
3. Follow the steps to fix the registry issues regarding your installation:

"Troubleshoot and help prevent computer problems"
    [Advanced] => [V] Apply repairs automatically
"Are you having a problem installing or uninstalling a program?"
    [-> Installing]
"Select the program you are trying to install"
    Select your program, if it is not in the list - select the first option [Not Listed]
"<NameOfYourProgram> - maybe causing the problem."
    [-> Yes, try uninstall]
"Troubleshooting has completed"

Now you can navigate to:


In this folder, you will find:
1. “FileBackup” Folder with all the files that were related to this installation
2. XML with all the original file paths
3. XML with all the original Registry Keys
4. Powershell script to restore all the Registry keys and files to their original paths

If you’re happy with the uninstallation results, you can remove the “C:\MATS” folder as it contains files that you no longer need (if this is a space consuming program it will sit there for nothing).
If not, try installing the software again and uninstalling it with official uninstaller.

Note: Off course you can always try software like “Revo Uninstaller” to try and remove the leftovers before trying to reinstall.

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