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Software Online Updaters

I define the term of “Software Online Updater” as a program that need to connect to certain site / server in order to download and update your software. There are several available.

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Patch My PC

About Patch My PC Software Online Updater

Patch My PC Home Updater is a free portable Software Online Updater. The program updates all the currently installed free software that is in its database. For full program list you can check their homepage. All the programs are updated silently. When you run the program, it updates itself also. Finally, you can install programs that aren’t installed on your computer from the database – very convenient for new Windows installations.

Patch My PC – Usage

1. Download Patch My PC
2. Run it. On the right pane you will see all the software that is installed on your computer that is also in Patch My PC’s database. Green programs meaning they’re up to date. Red programs mean they need an update.
3. On the left pane there’s also Green, Red and Black programs that you can select / deselect. By default, only the Red programs are selected since they’re the ones need updating. You can also select more programs to be installed that aren’t installed.
4. On the right bottom corner, click [Perform Updates]. All the selected software will be installed / updated silently. – Software Online Updater


Similar to Patch My PC, updates currently installed software and installs new programs that aren’t installed silently. The downside of this one compared to Patch My PC, you can not see the programs that are installed or need to be updated and the database of programs is smaller. Still, I find it useful. In addition you can rerun the list of selected programs later for an update with one click. – Usage

The usage is very simple:
1. Navigate to Ninite Software Online Updater.
2. Select all the programs that you want to install / update.
3. Click [Get Your Ninite]
4. The installer file will be downloaded – Run it.
5. The program will download each selected program and install / update it.
If the program is up to date you will get a note next to it. You can click [retry/re-install] the installation process if you want to reinstall Failed / Updated software anyway.
You can use the same downloaded installer if you want to update the same software next time.


Ketarin Software Online Updater is a portable open source solution and much more complex hence more versatile. Unlike above solutions, you build your packages by yourself and provide the source link to check for an updated version of the software. By default, Ketarin works with FileHippo, but you can provide other sources when building the package. After providing the source you will need to provide the silent switches for application installation file. Off course you can omit the silent switches, but you will need to install the software manually each time. Ketarin supports Command Line batch / CMD scripts and Powershell. They have very detailed wiki documentation that you can check for anything you might need.
You can Download Ketarin Source from GitHub and Download Compiled Ketarin release from their home page.

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