Android 4 Loop Recorder-Player – Reuse Old Cellphone

About the idea of Android 4 Loop Recorder-Player and App Versions

Android 4 Loop Recorder-Player can be handy. I needed a loop player to teach my parrot new words. I have an old Android 4.1.2 Samsung device, which is a good candidate – since I’m not using it. I had two apps installed there in the past:
Voice Recorder Version 3 (42)
Loop Player Free Version 1.9.0
Both apps are free. Since other versions weren’t tested, I’m not sure they will work the same. Even in these versions there are couple of problems.
“Voice Recorder’ has a loop feature, so you can use it as is, but there’s always silence in the beginning and button tap in the end of the record. There’s a cut feature, but the saved file isn’t playable. If you’re OK with silence in the beginning and some noise in the end – this app should be enough.
“Loop Player Free” crashes sometimes, but works most of the time.
Note: you can use any application to record voice that saves MP3 / WAV files, since that what Loop Player needs.

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Android 4 Loop Recorder-Player – Voice Recorder

Setting up “Voice Recorder”

1. Open “Voice Recorder”. By default, it opens in “Microphone” mode.
2. Open “Settings”

    [Microphone Adjustment]
        *** By default, it's on "(*) Device auto control". If you want your records to be louder or quieter, you can switch to "Microphone Adjustment". Remember, if you set it louder it can result in distortion.
    [Record file type]
        (*) .MP3
        *** No need to use ".WAV", since you're recording with built in Microphone and playing with built in Speaker.
    [Record Quality]
        (*) MONO - 44 kHz
        *** No need to go lower than that - it can result in other types of distortion and won't save you much space.
    [Location of recordings]
        *** Set the location for recordings, or know where they're saved.

    Do not allow standby mode: Enable
    *** You don't want your phone entering stand by mode while playing loop or recording.

Recording with “Voice Recorder”

1. Go back to “Microphone” mode.
2. Press [Record].
3. Say your phrase.
4. Press [Stop].
5. Name your file. I prefer to write the phrase itself as a name.
6. [OK]

Looping with “Voice Recorder”

If you want to loop the file inside “Voice Recorder”:
1. Press the “Player” mode.
2. Select your file.
3. Enable the “Loop mode”.
4. Play

Android 4 Loop Recorder-Player – Loop Player Free

Playing the file in “Loop Player”

1. Open “Loop Player”.
2. As it says, “Tap to open audio file”.
3. Navigate to the folder where you recorded with “Voice Recorder”.
4. Select the file.
5. The file will be opened and you’ll see three lines:
Line 1 is the playback timeline
Line 2 is “Bar A”, which is a “Kick In” option
Line 3 is “Bar B”, which is a “Kick Out” option
6. Set the A bar for the entrance point – to skip the opening silence or several words that you don’t need.
7. Set the B bar for the exit point – to skip the end silence / noise or several words that you don’t need.
8. Press [Play] – only the timeline between the “A” and “B” point that you set will be played.
*** If you want you can save this loop as a “Bookmark” and then load it again on the next app start. The controls are in the top right corner.

The settings and steps above should cover you up in reusing your old Android 4 cellphone and convert it to Android 4 Loop Recorder-Player.

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