Ebay search by seller rating – Use Twinword Finder extension

Table of Contents
. Why to search Ebay by seller’s rating?
. Twinword Finder Extension for Google Chrome or Chromium
. Step by Step Tutorial

Why to search Ebay by seller’s rating?

Ebay search by seller rating was always my problem. You can search by price, you can search by size, brand name or whatever the product specification is. But the most problematic part of the search is the rating. Let’s say you want to buy from sellers that their rating is 99.5% and higher. There is no search option for that. Let’s say you want to search by price from lowest to highest, but also by seller’s rating – you can’t do that. Searching by rating makes easier finding the quality items /services / sellers first.

Twinword Finder Extension for Google Chrome or Chromium

I found a solution for that. It is not related directly to Ebay, but it is a third-party extension for Google Chrome or any browser that is Chromium engine based (like Microsoft Edge Chromium), which support Chrome extensions. The extension is called Twinword Finder (you can find explanation on the engine on their site).

Basically, with this extension you can search for multiple strings at once on a page. You can Ebay search by seller rating of 99.5% and 99.6% till 100% and by clicking the “Next” button it will go through all the results on a page one by one, by the order of their appearance on a page. So, if you’re searching for all the items with the price order from low to high, you will see your results of the percentage with the price getting higher.

Example: You searched for “Watch”, because you want to buy a watch and you sorted the results by price from low to high. The first result is 100 dollars with seller’s rating 99.9%, the second result is $110 with seller’s rating of 93.1% and the third result is $120 with 99.7%. When hitting “Next” on the extension, you will be navigated to the first result of $100 and seller’s rating of 99.9%. Hitting “Next” again will navigate you to the third result with $120 and rating of 99.7%. For me it is useful.

Step by Step Tutorial

So, how to actually Ebay search by seller rating with Twinword Finder:

1. Download the browser from Google Chrome download page. Or any other Chromium engine-based browser that supports Chrome’s extensions.
2. Install it (the installation should be simple by running the file that you downloaded).
3. Open this browser after the installation.
4. Navigate to Twinword Finder extension page (https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/twinword-finder/npghlhgagddknpcccbgncondbkdpehof).
5. Click the button [Add to Chrome]
6. A message will popup asking to “Add Twinword Finder Extension to Google Chrome?”. Click [Add extension]. You will be redirected to a short Tutorial video.

7. Navigate to Ebay in the browser that you installed the extension in.
8. Let’s say you want to buy a watch. Search on Ebay for “watch”.
9. You will get to results page. Change the “Sort” option from “Best Match” to “Price + Shipping: lowest first”.
10. Click on the “View” option and in the drop-down menu click “Customize”.
11. New window will pop-up, you need to check a box “[V] Seller information” and then click [Apply changes]. This option will include seller’s store name and rating on each result on the result page. You will need to be logged in for this to show up.
12. Now open the Twinword Finder bar by clicking its icon with two circles (near the address bar) or press [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [F].
13. The tab will show up under the browser’s address bar on the left. Now paste the next line there:


The quotes are needed to search for the exact value of 99.5% or 99.6% etc. Without the quotes the dot “.” characters will be ignored and treated like “,”, which means you will get results of 99 and 5 and 6. Off course, this is not what you want.
If you think that 99.5% is too high for you for minimum seller rating, you can also include lower values. If you want to search for all the seller ratings from 99.1% and up – add all the values (including transition values) to the whole string search like so:


14. After you pasted this line, the search will be automatically conducted (if not click the “Down” arrow on the extension’s bar or press [Tab] on the keyboard), no need to press [Enter] (If you did press [Enter] you will be entered to the “Paragraph search” option, which is less comfortable for our purpose. Press [Esc] button on the keyboard to exit this mode).
15. Make sure that your navigation is on the first result, check that there is “1 of ” all the results is written on the bar. If you’re somewhere like “8 of ***Something***” – Click the “Up” arrow on the Twinword Finder bar till you get to the first result.

16. To scroll through the results you can click the “Down” arrow on the bar or press [Tab] on the keyboard.
17. When you get to the lowest result, click the “Next” page in the Ebay result page on the bottom, to continue your search.
18. When you get to the next page, you will need to open the Twinword Finder bar again ([Ctrl] + [Shift] + [F]). You search criteria should be still there so just press [Tab] to continue your search.
TIP: The default number of Ebay results per page is 50, you can change it to 200 to lessen the number of pages, thus minimizing the bar opening and saving some time.

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