Convert HEIC to JPEG – CopyTrans HEIC for Windows

Why Convert HEIC to JPEG files

Why convert HEIC to JPEG? HEIC (High Efficiency Image Coding) is relatively new image format that Apple iOS 11 devices and above use. This format uses HEIF (High Efficiency Image Format) image codec. Currently Windows 10 does not support it out of the box – you can install HEIF extension from Microsoft Store though. Even with extension I had a problem with opening it in some applications.

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There is a simpler solution – CopyTrans HEIC for Windows. This installs an extension and gives you an option to convert HEIC to JPEG files. Bulk convert is also available. The program is free for personal use.

CopyTrans HEIC for Windows – How to View Images

1. Download CopyTrans HEIC for Windows.
2. Install it (If Microsoft HEIF solution is present on your system from the Store – the installer will remove it)
3. Now you can view HEIC images in your default viewer.

Convert HEIC to JPEG with CopyTrans HEIC for Windows

1. Right Click any HEIC image.
Note: If you want to Bulk Convert several HEIC images at once, just select all the files that you want to convert.
2. Click [Convert to JPEG with CopyTrans].
3. JPEG image of the same quality and the same name will appear near the original HEIC image.

Several Things to Note

Current version does not show you the progress of the conversion. You will know that it is finished only when you see all the JPEG files. You can also see if the CPU has finished the process in the Task Manager under [Performance]. If you executed the conversion from “explorer.exe” – you will see that all the instances of “rundll32.exe” has finished in the Task Manager [Details] tab.

If the JPEG file already exists with the same name – CopyTrans will be automatically add “(1)” to its name. And if there is already the same file with “(1)”, there will be added “(2)”. Example:

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